• What is Chemiluminescence?

    "Chemiluminescence" (chemical luminescence) is the phenomenon arising from chemical reactions. Compounds generated in an excited state by chemical reactions, when released to the ground state, discharge light. Exposed to the atmosphere almost all materials generate chemiluminescence as a result of oxidation reactions. The Chemiluminescence Analyzer (CLA series) is the world’s most sensitive photon counting device. It detect down to 50 photons/cm2/sec (about 1/10000 of a firefly) 10-15 Watts.

  • Chemiluminescence Intensity

    Many things emit ultra-weak light invisible to the human eye in the form of Chemiluminescence, Bioluminescence or Biophoton and research studies are carried out in several field to detect such invisible light. Especially Chemiluminescence is able to estimate the oxidation or deterioration levels of organic samples. Our instrument can be applied not only this oxidation field but also in a variety of other fields.

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  • Advantages of Chemiluminescence Method (CL Method)

    It is important to evaluate and prolong the life-times of new products. Conventional methods are unable to evaluate the early-stages levels of deterioration and inefficient time-consuming testing is necessary:

    ・Sample collection from the market -> several years
    ・Outdoor exposure test -> few years
    ・Accelerated testing -> several months

    Conversely, our CL method directly detects very small traces of peroxide allowing a material's oxidation level to be determined very quickly.


    Evaluation of early stage of oxidation & stability to oxidation

    Direct measurement of peroxides

    Multiple measurement and imaging detection by CCD camera

    Detect active oxygen, micro analysis with high sensitivity

    Monitor the cavitation or physiological luminescence

  • Chemiluminescence Analyzer Series


    A most highly sensitive instrument using Photomultiplier (PMT) as a detector.CL intensity and CL spectrum can be measured. Our standard product applicable to any study.


    Using Photomultiplier (PMT) as a detector this model is used with high performance liquid Chromatograpy (HPLC) and the value output from 0 to 1V. A recorder is needed to process the data.


    Uses Photomultiplier (PMT) as a detector – a very high sensitive detector measuring CL intensity only.


    Uses CCD Camera as a detector allowing a CL image of the oxidation area in a sample to be taken. A maximum 6 samples can be measured at the same time.


    Employs a CCD Camera and Diffraction grating. Spectral data with high resolution in a very short time (0.1 sec) can be measured.