• Leading Japanese Engineering for 50 Years

    Our History

  • A vendor that takes great pride in offering superior technology

    Since our founding, the identity of Tohoku Electronic Industrial has been that of a vendor proudly offering superior technology. For the half-century that has passed since 1968, we have striven to be at the cutting edge of the electronics industry. Our independent ­ ly-developed chemiluminescence analyzers are a symbol of our research and development capabilities, which are our company's greatest strengths. We create products in a field that is entirely our own. In add ition to our capabilities as a manufacturing com­ pany, the pride we take in being a technology trading company is something we have carried with us since the time of our establishment.

  • 1968 April

    Tohoku Electronic Industrial Co.、Ltd. established with l/10 million in capital. Began manufacturing and market­ing electronic communications equipment, and marketing consumer electronic products

    1983 April

    Awarded the Science and Technology Director-Gener­ al's Prize by the Science and Technology Agency (President Akio Saeki)


    1983 October

    Factory completed

    1986 March

    Capital increased to¥30 million

    1988 April

    Awarded the Medal with a Yellow Ribbon (for industriousness) (President Akio Saeki)

    1989 January

    Awarded the 38th Kahoku Cultural Prize (President Akio Saeki)

    1991 October

    Capital increased to¥60 million

    1992 November

    Factory extension comp leted (Building B)

    1997 February

    Awarded the Tohoku New Business Award by the Tohoku New Business Conference

    1997 December

    Awarded the Technology Prize at the first Miyagi Mono­ zukuri Awards, Miyagi Prefecture
    Awarded the Business Grand Prix Award of Excellence at the Sendai Business Grand Prix, City of Sendai

    1998 March

    Awarded the National Land Agency's Corporate Service to Regional Revitalization Award

    2001 April

    Awarded the JSAEM Best Technical Contribution Award for "Shape Memory Alloy Actuator Using a Thermoelec­ tric Convers ion Element"
    Factory extension comp leted (Building C)

    2001 June

    Awarded the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation's Invention Award

    2006 May

    Selected as one of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry's 300 Vibrant Small-to-Medium Manufacturing Companies; recognized by the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry

    2008 July

    Akio Saeki became chairman. Rie Yamada became president

    2009 October

    Received Miyagi Sugure Mono certification (M 1yag 1 Sugure Mono Promotional Project Executive Commit­ tee)

    2009 November

    Received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star (Chairman Akio Saeki)

    2012 February

    Awarded the Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry Director-General's Award, Fourth Monozukuri Nippon Grand Awards

    2013 March

    New offices built to replace former headquarters, which were designated "completely destroyed" following the Great East Japan Earthquake

    2014 June

    Awarded the FirstTechnology Advancement Award by the 」apan Society of Polymer Processing

    2015 September

    Selected as Tohoku Region Representative, EY Entre­ preneur of the Year 2015 Japan (President Rie Yamada)

    2O17 December

    Named "Driving Company for the Regional Future" (Min­ istry of Economy 、Trade, and Industry)

    2018 January

    JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) K7351, involving the use of chemiluminescence analyzers, is announced

    2018 April

    50th anniversary of establishment